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Fore Distillery

Irish Poitin - Irish Moonshine

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Fore Craft Distillery nestles in the shadow of the renowned seventh century Co. Westmeath Benedictine Abbey of the same name. The name ‘Fore’ comes from the Gaelic word, ‘fobhair’, for the fresh water springs that supply the area and which we use to expertly produce our premium Fore Valley Irish Poitin. Using a local recipe inspired by the 7th-century Benedictine monks of the nearby Fore Abbey, this smooth, full-body Poitin is distilled using premium malt barley, oats and the local spring water. The Fore Distillery philosophy is the use of the finest ingredients
in small batch runs in order to ensure consistent quality and a character as individual as the storied land from which it originates. Fore Valley Irish Poitin, excellent neat, on the rocks, or as the prime constituent of mixed drinks and cocktails.


Fore Distillery, a new take on old favourites.