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Fore Distillery

Fore Heritage Collection

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The Fore Heritage Collection is the perfect souvenir or gift.

Presented are three 200ml bottles of Fore Valley's Rum & Poitín range. Depicted on the set are the famous ‘Seven Wonders of Fore’ in a wrap around illustration of the Fore Valley, the spirits are revealed through gold framed windows symbolic of the monastic architecture found in Fore and a sentiment to the nearby Children of Lir adorns the top of the collection.

Fore Valley Golden Irish Rum is a honey-coloured spirit, gently matured in ex-bourbon casks and finished with the unique qualities of locally sourced Irish oak to impart additional colour and flavour. Fore Valley White Irish Rum is made using local spring water and premium grade sugar cane molasses. It is distilled using a combination of both pot and column stills before being vessel rested to ensure balance and roundness of flavour. Fore Valley Irish Poitín (Irish Moonshine) is a smooth, full-body Poitín, distilled using premium malt barley, oats and local spring water.

The Fore Valley range offers a delightful taste of Ireland's distilling heritage in every sip!