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Fore Distillery

Fore Valley | Golden Irish Rum

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Fore Valley Golden Irish Rum is a honey-coloured spirit, gently matured in ex-bourbon casks and finished with the unique qualities of locally sourced Irish oak. This process ensures to impart additional colour and flavour, crafting a truly exceptional Irish Rum. This Golden Irish Rum is excellent neat or as the prime constituent of mixed drinks and cocktails.

Alongside the richest ingredients, Fore Distillery has an even richer history. The distillery is nestled in the shadow of the renowned seventh century Benedictine Fore Abbey in Co. Westmeath. It is from this exact Benedictine order that Fore Valley alcohols have adopted their recipes. The Gaelic word, ‘fobhair’, refers to the freshwater springs of the Fore Valley which supplies the water to expertly produce Fore Valley Golden Irish Rum.

The Fore Distillery is quickly becoming another “Wonder of Fore” with its welcomed new take on old favourites!